Ultrasound Division Research

Recent Publications

Ongoing multicenter ultrasound studies:

REASON: Real-time Emergency Assessment with Sonography: Outcomes Research Network

Femoral Nerve Block Study

Other ultrasound research:

  • Venous access study
  • Pediatric fractures
  • Thoracic ultrasound
  • Ectopic pregnancy evaluation
  • Appendicitis evaluation
  • Approaches to ultrasound education
  • Ultrasound research has involved partnerships with Anatomy, Obstetrics, EMS, Informatics, Anesthesia, Simulation, and Cardiology
  • Strong faculty and resident interest in participating in ultrasound projects

Departmental resources:

Mount Sinai’s Department of Emergency Medicine is among the top five research programs in the United States based on federal research funding. Our research director has won several NIH R-01 grants, and a strong ongoing clinical research program exists in the department, including:

  • Full-time grant writer, statistician
  • EM research fellowship
  • Research associate program

Our annual summer research program involves medical and college students in research projects in the department

A nationally recognized medical informatics department (including an EM Informatics fellowship) and ‘paperless’ electronic charting system supports many types of research. The system facilitates prospective patient enrollment as well as chart review