Realtime Emergency Assessment with Sonography: Outcome research Network

Trial 1: Sonography in Cardiac Arrest


The aim of this study is to investigate the predictive value of the presence or absence of cardiac activity on bedside ultrasound during cardiac arrest. It is a multicenter observational trial.


  • Patients in cardiac arrest with no pulse


  • Isolated ventricular fibrillation
  • Traumatic arrest
  • Ultrasound system or provider experienced with cardiac sonography unavailable
  • Resuscitation efforts halted due to end of life decisions/designations
  • Attending physician declines enrollment


  1. Bedside cardiac ultrasound will be performed upon patient enrollment (during pulse check of resuscitation)
  2. Additional bedside cardiac ultrasound will be performed upon termination of resuscitation
  3. All other data collected as part of routine clinical care in the usual manner (ie code sheet, medication orders)

How to save clips on the ultrasound machine:

  1. Log into machine as usual with START/END key- use “CODE” as Patient Last Name (as in code blue)
  2. Obtain cardiac view during pulse check
  3. Press CLIP button, which saves the PREVIOUS 6 seconds of scanning as a continuous looping clip (see above)
  4. View the loop on screen, and SAVE the clip by pressing the SAVE softkey at the bottom right of the screen
  5. Log out by pressing START/END after the code is completed and you have saved all desired images during code and at code termination

When using the method described above, the clip will continuously loop on the ultrasound screen. This allows chest compressions to resume immediately while the clip can be viewed by the care team. Be sure to save the clip using the softkey at the bottom right of the ultrasound screen, just beneath the moving image. If this key is not pressed, the clip will be lost!

Site PI, questions: Bret Nelson (

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