Goals of rotation:

By the end of your two-week rotation, you are required to have completed the following (details below):

  1. 25 scans of each major type: FAST, Aorta, Gallbladder, Renal, Uterus, Cardiac (150 total)
  2. One brief case presentation (to be presented at conference)
  3. Final exam (to be completed on the final day of your rotation)
  4. Tally of all of your scans along with individual QA sheets for each study performed (turn in to Dora)

1. Required Scans:

  • The following scan types are required by the end of the rotation:
    • Aorta- 25 scans
    • Gallbladder- 25 scans
    • Uterus- 25 scans (transabdominal or transvaginal)
    • Kidney- 25 scans
    • Heart- 25 scans
    • FAST exam- 25 scans
    • DVT, procedure guidance, etc.- no set number, but some familiarity
  • Track your scans on these Data Sheets, follow up on cases where a formal study was performed, and turn the sheets in to Dora at Elmhurst by the end of your rotation.
  • The RRC requires competency assessments in ultrasound for all emergency edicine residents. If all required scans are not completed during the ultrasound rotation, it will be very difficult to sign off on your competency in ultrasound!

2. Didactics

We will cover the major indications, procedures, and advanced applications

3. Reading

The Manual of Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound(Cambridge University Press) was created after years of teaching ultrasound to medical students, residents, and faculty from a number of institutions. A copy of the book is available at Mount Sinai’s Levy Library (call number WN 208 N752 2007). While it is the recommended text for the course, other books such as Emergency Ultrasound by Ma, Mateer, and Blaivas may be used if you prefer.

You should also become familiar with the Tutorials on this website, as well as the Rotation section (Including Goals, FAQs, Views, Schedule, and Data Sheet). Many common questions are answered here.

4. Interesting Case presentation

Choose one case you scanned during the rotation to present (in 10 slides or less) at resident conference. Ideally this should be an interesting case, but those are rare.Many bread-and-butter cases are useful to review as well so don’t be discouraged if you don’t uncover something fascinating. The conference chief will let you know when you are scheduled to present. The ultrasound specialty track residents, ultrasound fellow, or directors can help you with the case so contact us early for help with your presentation.

5. End-of-course test

The test consists of image-based questions on ultrasound in the ED.  It is a standardized nation-wide test developed by ACEP and is available at emsono.com/acep.  The test (and each section) is pass/fail.  You may retake the sections you have failed until you pass them.  Please complete each of the twelve sections, print the report at the end of the section and return them to Dora before the last day of the rotation.