Daily EM Pearl 4/4

Inspired by Tali Porat’s M&M What is the most consistant ultrasound finding in an ovarian torsion? . . . Answer: Unilateral ovarian enlargement (>4cm). Up to 73% of these has a complex adnexal or pelvoabdominal mass, which can be predominantly cystic, solid, or both. Albayram F, Hamper UM. Ovarian and adnexal torsion: spectrum of sonographic findings with pathologic correlation.Read more

Daily EM Pearl 3/22

In light of the ultrasound conference that very few of us could attend: A dialysis patient presents with mild hypotension and respiratory distress. Bedside ultrasound was done with the parasternal long view shown below. You are unable to acquire any other good views because you are not good at ultrasound. Which of the following isRead more