daily EM pearl, 4/14/12

A young woman is BIBEMS to your trauma bay. She has been assaulted, has multiple signs of trauma with a GCS of 6 and saliva is noted to be pooling in her mouth and onto the bed. After a swift and successful intubation you further assess the patient. Her right eye is proptotic and sheRead more

daily EM pearl 4/12/12

An elderly person p/w R-knee pain after stepping off the curb a few days ago. There is  mild swelling and the patient does not like to bear weight on the extremity. You order a plain film of the knee and it looks okay. When you present to your seasoned attending, she tells you’ve missed a fracture. Where?  Read more

daily EM pearl 4/11/12

You are caring for a 7mo child who is not moving the LUE; a plain film shows a fracture. Child maltreatment is high on your differential. You want to order a skeletal survey and your medical student wants to know precisely what you’re looking for on your survey. You say…  Read more

daily EM pearl, 4/9/12

28 y.o. male felt his left knee “pop” after landing from a jump while playing basketball. Knee exam revealed limited knee extension. X-ray is shown in the link below. Diagnosis?    more

Daily EM Pearl 3/21

A 30yoM stabbed in the left 4th IC space suddenly arrests as he rolls into the trauma bay. You perform a left sided thoracotomy, open the pericardium, to find a laceration to the left ventricle which you put your index finger over, successfully stopping the bleeding. However the heart appears to beating irregularly and youRead more