Ketamine PSA with Desaturation

During a busy day in the ED, it becomes apparent that the pulling and yanking on your patient’s shoulder has done absolutely nothing to reduce their shoulder. You perform your pre-procedure PSA Checklist, know that this young and active 18 year old poses little difficulty, and push your desired dose of ketamine. Suddenly, you notice theRead more

EMTALA for Dummies

What is EMTALA? EMTALA stands for “Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act.” It is a federal law enacted by Congress in 1986 to prevent hospitals from sending away patients based on insurance status, race, gender, national origin, preexisting medical conditions, etc. It was developed in response to public outrage about reported cases of private hospitalsRead more

What We Learned at CORD16

Missed CORD? Here are a few take home thoughts from @BenAzan and @NupurGargMD. This is by no means meant to be comprehensive, but represents the learning points of a couple of senior residents at CORD. – Education – Career in Academics:  Strive to get where you want academically BUT don’t necessarily to have I keep going up hierarchy to be happy –Read more


Resuscitate NYC 2016 was amazing. Special thanks to Scott Weingart (@emcrit) and Felipe Teran (@FTeranmd) who made it all possible! Get an inside look at how it all happened. Attendees:  540 EM Residents 50 Faculty from EM and CC 50 EMS, RNs, PAs Speakers:  14 Speakers 10-15 Minute talks 8 Medical Centers Represented Twitter #resusNYC16: Read more

Studying for Boards/inservice with Foam

By @benazan Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM) began as medium for accelerated knowledge translation of cutting edge medical knowledge and as a virtual community of practice for ED physicians. As it matures, it’s grown to include many excellent sources of core content material that can be used by residents to learn the basics of EmergencyRead more

Cus It Up with Teamstepps…

by @BenAzan   Over the last several months, the Mount Sinai Emergency Department has been implementing TeamSTEPPS to improve the workflow, communication and operations in the Emergency Department. What is TeamSTEPPS? It’s essentially a nomenclature for team training and teamwork. It was put together by Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). It’s a set of terms and approachesRead more

How to Succeed in 2015

As the year is coming to an end, a great place to look for inspiration for 2015 is Academic Life in Emergency Medicine’s series “How I work Smarter“. I’ve been reading these and wanted to share some highlights. The first thing that really jumps out is, in order to excel in the world of FOAM/AcademicRead more

Want to Get into Social Media?

Despite the fact that some at Sinai believe that social media is not essential for your education, others think it’s critically important. The concept is called FOAM for Free Open Access Medical education. You can read a full history of the term here. If you are new to the game, here are a few pointers toRead more

No Sir, You Cannot Eat or Drink While in the Ed

@JoePinero – Much literature has been devoted to the attempt of proving the benefit of fasting as it relates to dangerous aspiration events during intubation or procedural sedation. Despite an overwhelming amount of literature pointing out a lack of benefit to fasting, most radiologist and anesthesiologists are very upset if they find out that theirRead more