Fractures and Nerves

Board review: fractures/dislocations and associated nerve injuries: Acetabular fracture – sciatic nerve Anterior shoulder dislocation – axillary and musculocutaneous nerve Humerus – radial nerve Elbow dislocation – ulnar or median nerve Olecranon fracture – ulnar nerve Supracondylar fracture – median, radial or ulnar nerve Hip dislocation Anterior – femoral nerve Posterior – sciatic nerve KneeRead more

Pearl 10/31

Dx: Jones fracture Ankle and foot paint are common presenting complaints to the emergency department.  It is important to be able to tell the difference between a Jones fracture displayed above and a Pseudo-jones fracture.  Both of these fractures involve the base of the 5th metatarsal. A Jones fracture goes through the diaphysis of theRead more

Clinical Pearl: July 19th

A 29 year old soccer player presents to your ER with a shoulder deformity after falling backwards onto an outstretched arm. He has dislocated the same shoulder three times previously. What two specific lesions should you look for on the xray? Why do they matter?  Read more

Daily Em Pearl 4/29/12

A middle aged woman p/w R-shoulder pain after falling on her outstretched arm. You order a plain film to eval for fracture or dislocation. What do you see? R-shoulder plain film  Read more

Daily Em Pearl 4/16/12

A 55yoM is BIBEMS after an MVC c/o RLE pain w/obvious deformity at the thigh. Distally he is NVI but is in excruciating pain. The portable plain film shows a mid shaft fracture. You order dilaudid but he’s still really uncomfortable. How can you help him?  Read more

daily EM pearl, 4/13/12

A young woman presents with a painful wrist, no trauma history. On exam, there is an effusion present, no erythema and tenderness to palpation. She is afebrile. How do you rule out a septic joint? What pathogen should be considered?  Read more

daily EM pearl 4/11/12

You are caring for a 7mo child who is not moving the LUE; a plain film shows a fracture. Child maltreatment is high on your differential. You want to order a skeletal survey and your medical student wants to know precisely what you’re looking for on your survey. You say…  Read more