What The Heck 1

This patient presented with right upper quadrant abdominal pain. There was RUQ tenderness on exam, but no fever, rebound or Murphy sign. A point-of-care ultrasound was performed to assess for signs of cholecystitis and the following image was obtained. This prompted the operator to ask, “What the heck?” What structures are visible here? How couldRead more

XRS- Rib pain

32 year old female with no past medical history presents with cough for two weeks, no fever, no sputum. Multiple sick contacts with same symptoms at work. She acutely presents with left rib pain for several days.  She reports no trauma, and noted the sharp, positional pain during a fit of coughing. Her vital signsRead more

XRS – 1

X-Ray Stinks #1: Finger Injury In this new series we will highlight cases where ultrasound proved more useful than x-ray. A seven year old boy presented with distal phalanx pain, tenderness after a fall. The following x-ray was performed: What is your diagnosis? Can ultrasound help? How would you perform an ultrasound on such aRead more

Case of the Month: April 2010

Thanks to Tatiana for an expertly presented ultrasound case of the month.  She was kind enough to put together this summary. 43y.o. F with pmh of asthma, HTN, recently treated for PNA p/w worsening dyspnea, pleuritic chest  pain,  cough and fever. Found to be tachypnic and tachycardic in the ED. CXR suggesting perihilar PNA. WhileRead more

Case 4

Thanks to Eduardo Lacalle for his presentation of the Ultrasound case of the month yesterday at Elmhurst conference.  Here’s a quick summary. 29M BIBEMS after assault.  Intoxicated but awake and cooperative.  Only complains of right eye and right flank pain. Vital Signs are stable.  The patient has some superficial right periorbital abrasions.  He is tenderRead more

Case 3

54M with h/o HTN, DM, Tobacco and Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis presents with neck mass.  He looks dyspneic and uncomfortable at triage and has an obvious mass above his left clavicle to the degree that his head is tilted a bit to the right.  Concerned, the triage RN defers the EKG and A-Side attending consult andRead more

Case 2

This 16 year old patient presents to the Emergency Department you have just started at in Menominee Michigan.   All of today’s patients have been on their way home this last day of hunting season.  You suspect this patient will be more interesting, as she is wearing a PETA shirt and not a shred of orange or leather.  AlthoughRead more

Up Close vs. Just Right

Fig 1. ED Point of Care Ultrasound Question: What are you imaging?Read more

Case of the Month #1

This young woman presents to your Emergency Department with a history of cramping, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding today. A urine pregnancy test is positive..  The following ultrasound image is obtained.  What do you tell the patient?Read more

7 year old with abdominal pain

7 year old child with abdominal pain presented with pain, nausea.  Noted to be febrile.  RLQ tender.  Linear transducer applied to point of maximal tenderness.    Image attached was obtained.  Read more