Name That Poisonous Beast! (part 4)

It’s the final part of “Name that Poisonous Beast!”.  Today, we’re going to take a walk in the garden. Name this poisonous beast! A) And it’s seedy neighbor: B)Read more

Name That Poisonous Beast (part 3)

Part 3 of “Name that Poisonous Beast” is ocean-themed. Name this poisonous beast! A) And it’s floaty colleague: B)Read more

Name That Poisonous Beast! (part 2)

It’s part 2 of “Name that Poisonous Beast!”.  Here we go! Name this poisonous beast! A) And his slithery friend… B) And what about this guy? C)Read more

Studying for Boards/inservice with Foam

By @benazan Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM) began as medium for accelerated knowledge translation of cutting edge medical knowledge and as a virtual community of practice for ED physicians. As it matures, it’s grown to include many excellent sources of core content material that can be used by residents to learn the basics of EmergencyRead more

Cardiology Board Questions

1. Which of the following is the earliest EKG finding in acute MI? A. hyperacute T waves B. ST elevation C. ST depression D. T wave inversion E. Q wave 2. Which of the followingis true regarding pediatric EKG analysis? (A) Left axis deviation is normal in healthy neonates. (B) Atrial fibrillation is the mostRead more