Twisted Ankle

A 32 yo M presents with ankle pain and swelling after forcefully externally rotating it while playing soccer. He is unable to ambulate.  Ankle x ray is shown below. What other joint should you image?Read more

Pediatric Hypoglycemia

A 3 year old M presents to the ED with lethargy.  Fingerstick is 38. How do you give this kid sugar??Read more

Wernicke’s Encephalopathy

Classically presents with which triad of clinical features?Read more


What lead level in blood requires chelation therapy?Read more

Pearls for Meningitis

1. In a patient with suspected meningitis, should you give dexamethasone? 2. In the same patient, how much time do you have after giving empiric antibiotics to perform your LP?Read more

Cells and Flare

What is the significance of “cells” and “flare” seen on slit lamp examination?Read more

Name That Fracture

A BRead more

It’s Stormy

28 you F with no known PMH, p/w palpitations x 3 days after bus trip to Washington DC, states she is feeling “awful”, symptoms have been constant and worsened today.  Also endorses b/l LE swelling, nausea, vomiting x1 per day, fatigue, diaphoresis, mild SOB.  Notes generalized yellowing of skin.  Denies CP, no fevers, no cough.Read more