Happy Match Day!

Congrats to all that have matched today!   Interestingly enough, did you know that Lloyd Shapley and Alvin Roth won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2012 for their research over many decades about stable matching, which is used in the NRMP’s Match algorithm?   Check it out: more

Eye Trauma & Bradycardia

A 3yo M comes into your ED around midnight after a fall off a stool onto his face. He has been vomiting, is bradycardic in triage to the 50s so is brought into your pediatric RESUS bay. Mom states that his eyes “look weird”. On exam, pt is scared but awake and alert, with fullRead more

Drowning Pearls

Thanks to our PEM fellow Dr. Michelle Vasquez for a great morning report today! Some questions that came up afterwards: Is there a difference in drowning with salt vs freshwater? -turns out that while there are blood and electrolyte shifts, the amount of water needed to induce a clinically significant difference between the two types ofRead more

Afib with Pre-excitation

A young patient comes into your RESUS area complaining of palpitations, and you get handed this EKG. What do you do?Read more

Nailbed Lacs

A young man comes into your ED after slamming his right middle finger in the door. You see a large gash over the nail, and your hand specialist is not available to take care of the injury. What do you do? picture is from lacerationrepair.comRead more

My Face is Swollen!

A 15yo girl comes into your ED complaining of unilateral facial swelling that started this morning as a little bit of swelling under her R ear, and 8 hours later, is now her entire R cheek. No fevers/chills. ROS otherwise negative. VS normal. Exam with induration to the R cheek, non tender, no overlying erythema.Read more

Pediatric Fever & Rash

A 3yo M no sig PMH, IUTD, comes into your ED with complaint of 3 days of fevers, diffuse rash worst on the R hip, mild limp, N/V, no urine output today, and lethargy. On exam, found to be febrile to 40.1, tachy to 197, BP 90s/50s, sat 96%. Irritable but awake. HENT with bilateralRead more