Chronic Back Pain

You’re working overnight when your 10th patient comes in complaining of chronic back pain. You order acetaminophen and an NSAID but the patient refuses to take them. They’re upset, agitated and demanding their usual percocet as its the only thing that helps. You attempt to explain that opioids are not the best medication for thisRead more

Capsaicin cream for treatment of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

Case: 24yo male p/w abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. This is his 4th ED visit in the past two months. He has had multiple workups including labs, abdominal ultrasound and CT, all of which were normal. He even followed up with a gastroenterologist recently who prescribed pepcid, but he continues to have recurrent symptoms. HeRead more

Reduction technique for Nursemaid’s elbow

It’s another busy afternoon in the peds ED when grandma comes in stating that her grandson broke his arm. He was jumping on the bed, and reached out to grab hold of a side rail before falling to the ground. It looks normal, but now the little guy refuses to use the arm and isRead more