4th of July Games


    4th of July Games

    4 teasers for the 4th of July weekend.

    1. What is this and why is it dangerous?

    Toxic Megacolon

    2. Patient had a DVT + PE, then got an IVC filter, then had another PE. How?

    3. Fun Sporcle quiz – 3 letter body parts, 2 min

    4. Higher level Sporcle quiz – Doses and drips, 5 min (good for 2nd years)

    Answers to 1 & 2 are below.


    1. Toxic megacolon is a medical emergency. Susceptible people include people susceptible to volvulus, those w/ Crohn’s, or anyone w/ any type of colitis. Toxins released from the expansion of the colon can lead to a state of shock and severe sepsis and then death. These patients need decompression ASAP.

    2. Patient had 2 IVCs. Up to 10% of people have 2 IVCs.

    3. & 4. If you liked these, let me know and I can make more.