Got Propofol?

You are setting up for procedural sedation and would like to use propofol. What allergies should you ask of first? (Besides prior propofol allergy) [1]Read more

Alumni Follow-up with Dr. Nelson Wong

Dr. Nelson Wong, 2013 grad of the Sinai EM residency, then chief academic resident, came back to his home turf to give a great session on chest pain, with many bonus pearls and concepts about how we learn. What has Dr. Nelson been up to in the last two year? What’s his wisdom for current residents? HowRead more

At Least the Pad Thai Was Tasty…

[1] Your fellow resident just returned from a long lunch break, raving about how good his meal was. He doesn’t seem to notice, but his breathing is labored and his face and arms are covered in an urticarial rash. What is the most likely condition? mild allergic reaction anaphylaxis scombroid poisoning malingering; he’s avoiding goingRead more

Cluing in to Opioid Overdose…

Case: 32-year-old male brought in by EMS for altered mental status, breathing six breaths per minute. You suspect opioid overdose, what clues you in to the culprit? 1) ECG shows prolonged QTC –> 2) ECG shows widened QRS –> 3) Patient has a seizure while in the department –>Read more

Guidewire Shock

What are some special considerations when placing a central line in a patient with an AICD?Read more

Bind the Pelvis

You are evaluating a patient in the trauma bay with a suspected unstable pelvic injury. Without a commercial device, how can you temporarily stabilize it?Read more

Humeral Head, Where You At?

Which type of shoulder dislocation is most common- posterior, inferior, anterior? Which x-ray views can you obtain to help you differentiate among these types?Read more

Panic Button!

You are asked by the triage nurse to evaluate a pregnant patient whose water broke and is experiencing contractions. Over the course of the next 45 seconds, you find yourself holding a newborn boy. He’s limp, apneic and not making a sound. Besides reaching for the panic button, what else can you do?Read more