Ekg Fun

54 y M presents to the ED with complaints of chest pain starting acutely 4 hours ago.  The EKG is as follows: What’s the diagnosis? Read more

Pediatric Wheezing

21 month old male with wheezing and cough for 6 hours.  Otherwise in usual state of health prior to lunch this afternoon.  No history of reactive airway disease.     What is the diagnosis?Read more

Apneic Oxygenation

You are a first day intern (literally, for many of you), the cardiac room is overflowing with patients and you are asked to set up for endotracheal intubation on a patient with declining mental status.  You haven’t intubated since your anesthesia rotation and you’re worried you may experience some difficulty with the procedure.  What canRead more

Cta Vs. V/q Scan in the Pregnant Patient

A 25 y F g1p0 @8wks pregnant presents to ED complaining of SOB. Clinical suspicion for PE with a positive dimer to 0.68.  Assuming lower extremity dopplers and chest x ray are unremarkable. How will you further workup this patient? CTA or V/Q Scan?Read more