I Can’t See!

32 year old male with history of HTN, presents to your ED complaining of progressive R eye pain and decreased visual acuity after a wooden plank stuck him in the face at work about 2 hours prior. He denies other injuries, denies LOC, denies vomiting, focal neurological deficit, and takes no anticoagulation medications. Vitals normalRead more

A Tale of Two Trachs

34 year old male with PMHx quadriplegia 2/2 GSW 8 years prior, with elective tracheostomy after his early disease course was complicated by frequent intubations for sepsis, presents to ED from NH with fever x1 day. On arrival, pt is febrile 38C, severely hypotensive 60/40’s and tachypnea to 24 BPM through his tracheostomy collar. YouRead more

Endocarditis Pearls

Endocarditis Pearls   H&P – Flu like symptoms + murmur – Janeway lesions – painless, red macule/patch, palms/soles, culture bacteria from the lesion, embolic manifestation of endocarditis   – Osler nodes- painful, purple, fingertips, tips of toes, immune complex deposition   – Splinter Hemorrhage- thin red/brown, thin, fingernails, vasculitis     – Roth spots- retinalRead more

Visual Diagnosis Case – Targetoid Rash.

By @benazan Visual diagnosis: An EM resident develops the following rash during Wednesday conference, after working several ED shifts in a row. What’s the diagnosis and treatment?  Read more