WCUME- Ultrasound Basics

Those registered for the hands-on session with Bret Nelson and Victor Rao on Saturday, October 11 please view this primer prior to the workshop:Read more

Cells and Flare

What is the significance of “cells” and “flare” seen on slit lamp examination?Read more

Cqr Q-tips September

Clinical Quality Review topics for September 2014 -After ruling out ectopic, involve OB in patients with 2nd trimester miscarriage (these patient are more likely to need an intervention/procedure), or in unwell patients with 1st trimester miscarriage -Discuss with the patient how they will get the prescription, and what the backup plan is if they can’tRead more

Name That Fracture

A BRead more

It’s Stormy

28 you F with no known PMH, p/w palpitations x 3 days after bus trip to Washington DC, states she is feeling “awful”, symptoms have been constant and worsened today.  Also endorses b/l LE swelling, nausea, vomiting x1 per day, fatigue, diaphoresis, mild SOB.  Notes generalized yellowing of skin.  Denies CP, no fevers, no cough.Read more