Sinai Sonogames

For the past two years, Boston University has taken home the Sonocup.  This year we are dedicated to at least coming a little bit closer to bringing the cup home. Hertz so Good, our sonoteam, is George Lim, Raashee Kedia and Jeremy Faust.  Indomitable. Except in Round one of our Mock Sonogames, where the SonoteamRead more

I Think My 17-month-old Baby is Drunk!

17-month-old F w/ no sig PMHx presents to the ED accompanied by her mother who is concerned because her baby is “acting drunk.” Mother reports child was staying with grandparents over the weekend and today began “walking funny and speech is slightly slurred.”  She also reports child had vomiting and diarrhea lasting for 2 daysRead more

Interesting Case of Facial Swelling

  Interesting Case of Facial Swelling. 55 yo F w/ PMHx of HTN, DM, and ESRD on HD presented to the ED w/ c/o facial redness and swelling progressively worsening for 3 days. Patient  discharged 7 days prior from outside hospital but unable to attain records or d/c summary.  Last H/D 1 day prior. NoRead more