2014 Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound CME Course

The Mount Sinai Department of Emergency Medicine hosted its annual ultrasound CME conference on April 25. Faculty, fellows, nurses and PAs from a number of institutions and specialties took part in our tenth annual course. The course was directed by Bret Nelson, MD who introduced ultrasound physics and machine controls, followed by lectures on assessment of  airway and breathing (JimRead more

Is it time?

Every year in December my ARDMS renewal would arrive.  It was only $75 to renew, so I did.  My enthusiasm for this badge steadily declined from the early heady days after taking the Edelman course (which I thought was awesome).  But this year, I burned my card.  Resa Lewiss and Mike Stone have a great “clinical controversies” editorial inRead more

Castlefest 2014 is Live

Matt and Mike and their entourage are live at Castlefest. This year they have a live feed available in case you weren’t able to make it to Kentucky. Check in with their lectures live with the youtube feed below.Read more

Next Up…killer Vegetables

Most toxic mushroom ingestions simply result in abdominal cramping, nausea/vomiting and diarrhea.  But beware of amatoxin-containing mushrooms appropriately termed the “deadly white Amanitas” (i.e. A. phalloides (figure 1), A. bisporigera (Figure 2)). Suspect amatoxin ingestion in a patient with an appropriate history and (if you’re lucky) the mushroom in question.  Patients with amatoxin ingestion will experience acute gastroenteritisRead more

Highlight Reel

Here are the highlights from the 2012 ACEP Clinical Policy regarding Critical Issues in the Initial Evaluation and Management of Patients Presenting to the ED in Early Pregnancy: The initial quantitative BhCG level does not help to distinguish among unspecified abortion (i.e. threatened abortion), normal intrauterine pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy.  Therefore, the discriminatory threshold is noRead more


This may be surprising to many of you, but some of our patients abuse medication.  In addition to Dilaudid, morphine, and Percocet, lets add topical ophthalmic anesthetics such as tetracaine to our “red flag” list.  The most common offenders are young male manual laborers particularly those involved in welding and foundry. Even when diluted, topicalRead more