Whats the Difference?

What is the Differential Diagnosis for the following EKg         Differential Diagnosis of ST Elevation   1. Myocardial Infarction 2. Printzmetal’s angina 3. Male Pattern – being a man – the more manly, the higher the elevations 4. tako-tsubo–like left ventricular dysfunction 5. Pericarditis 6. Left Ventricular Hypertrophy 7. Early Repolarization 8.Read more

Kitty Bites Cat Lady

30 yo F presents c/o bite wound to her face by her pet cat. The cat was nervous because she was in a new home, otherwise the cat did not exhibit any unusual behavior and has all its vaccines. The patient is uptodate with vaccines as well. The bite occurred just prior to arrival. OnRead more

Can I Use That Central Line?

All of us have placed central line before.  You enter the vein under ultrasound. The wire threads easily, or maybe there is a little resistance, but the wire passes anyway.  You dilate, place the catheter and suture it in place.  You then order a chest x-ray, already confident the line is in the right place.Read more

Last days of the stethoscope?

In the current issue of Global Heart (journal of the World Heart Foundation), several Mount Sinai authors have published articles on the use of point-of-care ultrasound. Phil Andrus wrote about focused cardiac ultrasound, Jennifer Huang co-authored a review of ultrasound use in IVC assessment, Daniel Lakoff described ultrasound incorporation into rapid response teams in inpatientRead more