Daily Pearl 11/8

A healthy nurse in a suburban community hospital presents reporting she thinks she has a positive PPD from a skin test that had been placed 48 hours ago. She has no known specific TB exposures. What finding is indicative of a PPD test in this patient? (a) Any amount of induration (b) Induration > 5 mm (c) Induration >Read more

Daily Pearl 11/5

A middle aged woman with schizophrenia presents to your ED on a cold night in February after being found stranded on a mountain where she became separated from her group of hikers during a snowstorm 2 days ago. You realize that this patient has been outside for days, during a week which has been amongRead more

Daily Pearl 11/4

What 2 classic radiographic findings are exemplified in these images? What clinical diagnoses are they individually pathognomonic for? What clinical presentations would you expect? A BRead more

Daily Pearl 11/1

    A 24 y/o M presents after running a marathon with diffuse myalgias and dark urine. He states he has been trying keeping up with hydration to the best of his ability, but it is an unseasonably warm November day. What is your leading diagnosis? What are your treatment options? What are common andRead more

Ob-gyn Mcq

1. What is a not a common risk factor for PID (pelvic inflammatory disease)? (a) smoking (b) tampon use (c) multiple partners (d) young age (e) IUD 2. A 19 y/o G1 presents at 34 weeks gestation with BP 170/110, headache, and mild abdominal discomfort. She has no vaginal bleeding. You initiate a magnesium drip,Read more