Name That Finding

XR R shoulder  Read more

Spine Injuries

Concerned about cervical cord injury in your trauma or MVA pt?Read more

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

60 y/o F with PMHx of HTN and DM presents after striking head on piping in garage ~1 hr prior.  Pt was standing up after getting out of a car and walked into pole.  Remembers incident fully.  Currently complaining of dizziness, mild temporal HA where she struck pipe, and nausea.  Denies LOC, drug or EtOHRead more

Classic Pneumonia Associations

For Friday’s missed pearl:Read more

Sgarbossa Criteria

Happy Turkey Day We’ve all seen the patient who comes in complaining of chest pain with a left bundle branch block pattern (LBBB).  Many times we don’t have an old EKG to compare.  Just as a review, a LBBB presents difficulty since it will alter early and late ventricular depolarization to produce secondary ST-T segmentRead more

Retropharyngeal Abscess

  A 4-year-old boy comes to the ED with a severe sore throat and history of “refusing to eat”. He has severe pharyngitis on exam an you are concerned that he may have a retro pharyngeal abscess. What technique should be used to most accurately assess the prevertebral space on lateral neck X-ray? To avoidRead more

Pearl 11/16

Buckyballs are extreme magnets marketed to adults.  There have been several case reports of intestinal perforation following ingestion of multiple balls.  The magnets stick together through intestinal wall resulting in perforation.  Ingestion is considered a surgical emergency.  You can see the magnets and confirm their presence on X-ray. Brought to you by Dr. SchiappaRead more

Pearl 11/15

If you see a patient who has been involved in a physical altercation make sure to check their hands for signs of abrasions/lacerations as these may represent “fight bites”.  If you seen any damage to the skin you should treat the patient just as you would anyone you saw with a bite wound.  Tetanus, woundRead more

Angles for Doppler

A prior post discussed the optimal imaging angle for 2D scanning. Quick quiz: what is that angle? 45 degrees 90 degrees 180 degrees 360 degrees In this post we’ll illustrate the optimal imaging angle for Doppler evaluation. Let’s start with basic Doppler physics. Where to police officers situate themselves to aim a radar gun atRead more

Pearl 11/12

Impetigo is a type of bacterial rash normally occuring on the face and extremities that progresses from papules to vesicles to pustules then crusts.  There are two main sub types of impetigo: non-bullous and bullous (caused by S. aureus that produces exfoliative toxin A).  The organisms that cause the rash are S. aureus and streptococci species. Read more