E M Pearl, May 29

An 18 year old female presents to the peds ED after an episode of witnessed syncope. Pt was hiking when had sudden LOC, no preceding symptoms.  She now feels well and denies CP and palpitations. No prior episodes. No OCP use or other PE risk factors. Her vitals and exam are normal. Her EKG fromRead more

E M Pearl, May 25

Thank you to Papa Hernandez for this fascinating case.   37F 10 weeks pregnant (by LMP), asthma presents with 1-2 weeks of SOB. Extertional, +orthopnea, + bilateral LE edema. Has yet to initiate prenatal care. Her vitals at triage:  97.7  117  230/140  28   98%.  On exam, patient is tachypneic but not in distress.  HerRead more

E M Pearl, May 24

A 32F who is 14 weeks pregnant presents with intermittent shortness of breath x 1 day. She has no h/o DVT/PE. Vitals 98.9 100  105/70  18  99% on RA.  Clear lungs, no calf asymmetry on exam. You are concerned about PE. How should you proceed? If she needs imaging, CTA or V/Q?Read more

E M Pearl, May 22

Thank you to Dr. Chris “This Ain’t No Simulation” Strother.   3 kids, 3 head injuries.   A) 2-month old boy, fell out of baby carriage onto top of head 30 minutes ago. No LOC, seizure, vomiting. Acting normally per mom. Abrasion on superior scalp, no palpable skull fracture, fontanelle flat.   B) 18-month oldRead more

E M Pearl, May 18

3yo male h/o RAD presents with a nasal foreign body.  After a few conservative efforts to remove the FB, it is apparent the  child will not be able to cooperate with further attempts. A line is placed and 1mg/kg ketamine is given IV. While loosening the object with a blunt-tipped probe, you notice the suddenRead more

Jennifer Huang

We are very pleased to welcome the newest member of the Mount Sinai Emergency Ultrasound Division, Dr. Jennifer Huang! Dr. Huang completed her residency training at Highland Hospital in Oakland, California and an emergency ultrasound fellowship at the SUNY Downstate / Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York.  She has led emergency ultrasound courses andRead more

E M Pearl, May 17

Shout out to Ben Slovis for providing this case.   22F s/p thyroidectomy here with 1 day back pain and generalized weakness.  Patient’s thyroidectomy was complicated by inadvertent parathyroidectomy, and never followed-up to manage this complication.  On exam, no concerning signs for cord compression, but significant paralumbar muscle spasms. Her EKG demonstrates a QTc ofRead more

Sonogames 2012

The inaugural SonoGames were held at the SAEM Scientific Assembly in Chicago this week. Thirty-eight residency programs were represented at the event, organized by Resa Lewiss and SAEM’s Academy of Emergency Ultrasound. Three rounds separated the dabblers from the master sonographers. In order to win, teams had to demonstrate ultrasound knowledge on tests and thenRead more

E M Pearl, May 15

Courtesy of Dr. Elikashvili.   20 month old female is BIBEMS after seizure at home just prior to presentation.  Mother describes “10 minutes” of what sounds like generalized tonic-clonic movements. No h/o seizures.  Child was born full term and 18 month vaccines UTD.  She reports 2 days preceding fever, no URI, cough, diarrhea, rash, butRead more

E M Pearl, May 14

23F h/o asthma is brought in from home s/p seizure. She is currently altered, but her grandparents (whom she lives with and witnessed the seizure) are at the bedside. They deny a history of seizures and report no preceding fever. An agile ER tech produces for you the following EKG:   What are the importantRead more