Happy Birthday Heinrich Hertz

  Without Heinrich we would have no units for the frequency of our probes. We can thank him for these units as well as for proving Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism, leading to the invention of radio and television.  I suppose we should really be interested in thanking his grandnephew, Carl, who invented medical ultrasonography.  EitherRead more

Left upper quadrant fluid

One common source of confusion or false positives in the FAST exam is the assessment of the left upper quadrant. We’ve already covered some tips on improving your view of the spleen. This post will illustrate how the stomach can mimic free fluid to the unprepared. The first image shows a perisplenic (left upper quadrant)Read more


Finding the right angle is critical to optimal imaging. In fact ‘right angle’ or perpendicular imaging is the best way to get a clear image. At 90 degrees, many more sound beams reflect back to the transducer than at more shallow angles. In addition, the ultrasound energy is more spread out when it connects toRead more

SPR Fellow Clinical Research Award

Sinai’s own Dr. Lana Friedman, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow, was just named one of three recipients of the prestigious SPR Fellow Clinical Research Award. Her abstract entitled, “Accuracy of Point-of-Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) by Novice Pediatric Emergency Sonologists in the Diagnosis of Skull Fractures,” was selected from a very competitive pool of submissions. She will presentRead more

EMSSA 2011- Ultrasound by midwives in Liberia

On November 17, 2011 Dr. Braden Hexom presented research organized by Mount Sinai and conducted at JFK Hospital in Liberia. The project, Evaluation of Novel Obstetrics Ultrasound Curriculum for Local Healthcare Providers in Liberia Bentley S, Hexom B, Nelson BP described a novel ultrasound curriculum developed in concert with providers in Liberia after a needsRead more