Top 3 Articles: FAST

The FAST exam is the prototypical application of emergency ultrasound. However, it is important to know that there are limited randomized controlled trials assessing the utility of the FAST exam. Despite this, let’s look at three good articles that  all emergency residents should know. 1. In this Cochrane review, the authors’ conclusion was that thereRead more

Airway Mythology

As promised, here are selected references from today’s talk on Airway Management Mythology. Thanks to the organizers of the International Conference on Emergency Medicine (ICEM) for the invitation to speak. Some of the topics discussed are supported by plenty of evidence (ie the use of RSI as an intubation technique), some were simply fun toRead more

Status Epilepticus

Here are some key references from today’s lecture on Status Epilepticus at ICEM: FERNE’s seizure and status epilepticus management guide Key practice guidelines related to seizures: ACEP Clinical Policy: Critical Issues In The Evaluation And Management Of Adult Patients Presenting To The Emergency Department With Seizures Treatment of convulsive status epilepticus. Epilepsy Foundation of America.Read more

Tips and Tricks- The gallbladder / duodenum conundrum

One of the most common pitfalls in gallbladder sonography is confusion with the structure which abuts it in the right upper quadrant – the duodenum. This loop of bowel can easily be mistaken for the gallbladder especially if it contains a mixture of fluid and solid materials. So how can we tell them apart? TheRead more

Artifacts 1 – You mean… it’s not real?

Artifacts are ultrasound images on the screen that do not correspond exactly what is in the body. Artifacts can be useful in determining true anatomy: 1. The presence of some artifacts can help us to identify anatomy:  e.g. “an aorta” is  “the aorta” because it’s resting on the spine, which is “the spine” because it casts aRead more

Publication – Bret Nelson on Prehospital Ultrasound

Bret Nelson and Mt. Sinai’s director of Disaster Preparedness and Prehospital Care, Kevin Chason, collaborated on this pilot study on use of Prehospital FAST and Aorta US which showed that paramedics can obtain and interpret these studies.Read more